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Excellent Customer Service
Binders issued within 3 hours
Policies issued within 48 hours
3 Different Products, Dwelling, HOA and HOB
Programs are NOT Credit Scored
Admitted Carrier Reinsurance A- Rated
2 pay and 9 pay Direct Bill option

Dwelling Policies

Up to $300,000 Liability on Tenant Occupied Property
With Underwriting Approval Homes up to 100 years of age are acceptable.
Dwellings $25,000 to $350,000
Comprehensive Personal Liability
Replacement cost on either /or Dwelling-Contents

Owner or Tenant Occupied - Not Vacant
Protection Class 1-10
Discounts up to 40%
Very Competitive rates


Replacement cost for either /or Dwelling-Contents
Water, Falling Objects- including tree limbs and Weight of Ice and Snow 
   Endorsement up to $25,000
Insured Value from $25,000 to $350,000
Very Competitive Rates-Discounts Up To 45%
With Underwriting Approval Homes up to 100 years of age acceptable.

HOB Modified

Insured Value $75,000 to $350,000
With Underwriting Approval Homes up to 50 years of age acceptable.
Very Competitive Rates-Discounts Up To 45%

Replacement Cost Supplement

Trampoline Exclusion

Animal Exclusion

Home Owners Program
21st Century
Managing General Agency
Protection for the unexpected
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